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Our Firm

John DelVecchio, ChFC®, AIF®


John doesn't start with what you should invest in; he starts with your dreams. He works from your needs, desires, and concerns before he recommends products and services to meet your financial objectives. With his many years of experience and in-depth knowledge, John has worked with his clients to choose financial strategies and tools to help them work toward their dreams.

His motivation is simple. He wanted a good quality of life, and he wants every one of his clients to have one, too. He took his own path, for sure. He started at La Salle University, studied earth sciences, and followed his passion into culinary science at the Culinary Institute of America, where he graduated as a certified chef. But after several years, John realized his work was getting in the way of his new true love—to spend more time with his family and to give them the quality of life he knew they deserved.

John pursued financial planning because he knew the value that wealth can add to life. Now he works with top executives in companies across the nation, with women who really want to understand the details of their financial plans, and with union members who want to direct their money in a way that they feel will most comfortably meet their plans.

Through the years, John has continued ongoing education to stay current on existing and new financial services. He conveys his very deep knowledge to his clients in simple-to-understand terms and answers their questions about having enough money, using personal real estate, and pursuing financial independence.

John loves his clients, the lives he helps them craft, and his own life. He's achieved the quality of life he desired. He's a business owner, a professional with a family (He has helped his daughter's softball teams for a decade.), and an active member of his church (He cooks, naturally, for some of its social functions.).

He works and speaks throughout the country, primarily on the East and West coasts, about alternative investments as a vehicle for helping to grow retirement funds.

Jared Tuller, AIF®


Jared is a real family man. And he cares about his clients as though they are family. It's really the way the practice has been set up—to have every client be the most important client. There are no cookie-cutter plans. Everyone has an individual story and deserves an individual plan. Jared works with people who are just starting to invest to more sophisticated investors who are transitioning their portfolios over to Compass or Corning Financial Solutions.

Jared has the same values he was raised with as a native of the Finger Lakes region in Corning, New York. He graduated from Corning-Painted Post East High School and left to attend the University of Pennsylvania and play lacrosse for the Penn Quakers.

After he graduated from Penn, Jared worked for a few years managing a restaurant in University City. But he was called to a different path, and in 2003, he joined the staff of Benefit Planning Services as an intern. Soon after, he became a licensed brokerage assistant and then a financial advisor.

He holds several different securities licenses as well as life and health insurance with long-term care, and he is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®. Jared's goal to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is now being realized.

Jared realized a need for the financial planning ideals of Compass Financial Solutions in his native area and was responsible for opening the Corning Financial Solutions office in 2006. He works closely with clients at all stages of life, from single men and women, to new families and retirees. He has continued to build his financial advising practice here, based on his own knowledge and experience and the strength and legacy of Benefit Planning Services (and its newly branded subsidiary Compass Financial Solutions), which has been in business for 30 years.

Jared enjoys spending time with his young son and wife and enjoys skiing, golfing, camping, and a good lacrosse game.

Garret Desjardins


My Philosophy:

Life is about so much more than money—it’s about the people, places, and things that get us out of bed in the morning. It’s about waking up to the smell of bacon; exploring the French countryside in a tiny car with the person you love; laughing yourself into tears with old friends; sinking that unsinkable putt and pumping your fist even though your scorecard doesn’t warrant it; turning up the volume on Baba O’Riley to 11.

Getting the financial equation working in our favor opens the door to spending more time enjoying what matters most.


My Background:

I was raised in Concord, New Hampshire, by incredible, loving, and undeniably entertaining parents who own and operate a second-generation dry cleaning business. It was (and remains) a staple in the community. I was fortunate to grow up understanding, first-hand, the commitment to consummate service required to do well in business when your customers have a lot of other options. My sister and I were also fortunate to ride around in rolling laundry carts, and less fortunate to sweep the parking lot in the middle of the summer.

An affinity for math through childhood and a budding interest in its real-world application led me to the University of New Hampshire where I earned my bachelor’s degree in finance with a minor in economics. I was a busy student: as an advisor to freshmen navigating their collegiate journeys, working as a bearded barista at the local cafe (We roasted our own beans in-house.), and playing a white Fender P-Bass in an original rock & roll band (We were voted as the best College Band in the state
—however that works.). I even was a teacher’s assistant for an international wine tasting course (which landed me a trip to Italy the following summer for more wine education). Most importantly, my time at UNH led me to meet a pretty redhead named Steph.


After graduating, Steph and I moved down to live in Center City Philadelphia where her parents relocated while we were in college. Luckily, she agreed to marry me four years later. (Warning: proud husband rant ahead.) Now she’s dedicating her career to the fight against cancer at UPenn, specifically supporting research on clinical trials where some late-stage patients have not only survived, but fully beat it. KIND OF A BIG DEAL.


Together, we’ve been involved with various charities and organizations, such as the American Red Cross, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Wistar Institute, the Society Hill Tree Tenders Association, and the Foundations of the Union League of Philadelphia. We still find time to get back to New England often for family, friends, and like-minded sports fandom (Hey, Philly - can’t we all just get along?). On the weekends, you can probably find me by first standing near Independence Hall and then following the scent of slow, low backyard barbecue (baby back ribs and Boston butt mostly). If I’m not there, Steph and I might be working on our golf game up at the Union League Golf Club in Northeast Philly. Sometimes working on our golf game looks a lot like eating awesome pizza in the clubhouse. (*shrugs*)

Before realizing my goal of working with a wealth management firm that I could honestly identify with, I appeased my inner mathlete in the actuarial department of the Pennsylvania/Delaware Workers Compensation Rating Bureau. Ultimately, we helped shape workers' comp rate changes on an annual basis. My job was to make sure insurance companies gave us good data to analyze, and fine them when they didn’t. (Quick joke: How can you tell an actuary is an extrovert? They look down at your shoes instead of their own when they talk. Moving on…) I grew incredibly detail oriented, and my Excel-game reached new levels, but my passion for finance and working directly with people and families wasn’t satisfied.


Steph and I met Jared (Tuller) and his wife, Christina, socially in 2011 at a Christmas party. We all hit it off and would see each other at similar social functions where Jared and I would reliably pick up our prior conversation—usually about our Pats vs. Bills football rivalry and deep appreciation for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It wasn’t until a conversation in early 2014 between my wife and Jared’s business partner, John (DelVecchio), landed on careers, and my goal to work with a boutique wealth management firm … exactly like John and Jared had at Compass. It just made sense, and a few short months later I joined their practice and began my journey. Since then, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of clients across more than a dozen states. In many cases, they've been with the firm for decades. What I’ve really grown to love about our firm is how much it reminds me of my home and family back in New Hampshire.


I’m looking forward to the road ahead and I hope to see you there!

Licenses & Designations:
  • FINRA Series 7 General Securities Representative
  • FINRA Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law 
  • Life, Health, & Long-Term Care Insurance (PA)